Sep 8: Renewable Energy Fair

Do you want to find out how to switch to all renewable electricity? Are you trying to decide
whether solar panels would work on your house? Do you know how to measure your carbon
footprint? To find answers to these questions and other energy use matters, come to the
RENEWABLE ENERGY FAIR hosted by the Environmental Team of the Justice Committee after the sanctuary service on September 8. Representatives of several renewable energy suppliers will be available to answer your questions and to help you make the switch, There will be a
solar energy advisor. Please bring your electricity bill.

Following 11 a.m. service, in the Social Hall of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church.

Another important action is to calculate your carbon footprint.  We will have information and
help in doing a carbon calculator and then explain the carbon offset concept.  For example,
offset your air travel by paying into a project that reduces CO2 emissions by equivalent amount.
If you know your yearly electricity use (in kWh, from the electric company), your yearly gas use
(in MCF or therms, from the gas company), and approximate annual miles traveled,
Environmental Team can help you to determine your carbon footprint right on the spot.
Light lunch will be provided.  For more information, contact Nancy Heastings at  

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