Sep 22: Deadline for sign-on to protect the DEP

There's a plan afoot to gut the regulatory powers of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.
HB 1106 and HB 1107 would essentially gut the protective permitting process in our state for not only oil and gas projects, but ALL industrial activities affecting air and water quality.  The Environmental Integrity Project has been working to prevent this, and there's a sign-on letter to deliver a powerful message to legislators and the governor.  I've posted the text of the letter here, and you can add your name (or your organization) here.

From Lisa Graves-Marcucci at the Environmental Integrity Project:

The attorneys at EIP have drafted a letter to Governor Wolf and PA House and Senate members detailing citizen opposition to HB 1106 and HB 1107 - based on concerns grounded in regulatory rules and federal laws.  Please review the letter and let us know if you'd like to add your name as an individual and/or your name and your organization - we are accepting both. We've created a link that will provide you with an easy-to-use form that will help us gather signatories and add to the final letter.

Link to sign onto this letter:
Deadline for adding your name is Sunday, September 22, Noon.
Thanks to all for the concerted effort to oppose these reckless bills.  And, please share this message with others you think might share these concerns.

Again, more details are here:

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