Apr 29-May 1: Regenerative Design workshop

Healthy Land, Healthy Water, Healthy Community: Regenerating Pittsburgh from the Ground Up. Dave Jacke, author of Edible Forest Gardens, and local and regional permaculture teachers will give a talk and lead a weekend workshop on Principles and Practices of Regenerative Design.

Evening lecture at Chatham's Eddy Theatre (7-9 p.m. on Friday); workshop at Phipps Garden Center (1059 Shady Ave, near Fifth & Shady). Sliding scale $150-200, includes Friday lecture. Scholarships and group discounts available.

Visit PittsburghPermaculture or call Juliette at 412-780-5833 to register or learn more.

Apr 29: Regenerating Pittsburgh talk

Healthy Land, Healthy Water, Healthy Community: Regenerating Pittsburgh from the Ground Up. Dave Jacke, author of Edible Forest Gardens, will give a talk entitled Regenerating Comunities, Ecosystems, and Landscapes with Permaculture, with special guest Darrell Frey.

7-9 p.m. at Chatham University's Eddy Theatre. Suggested donation $10 (free for Chatham students and staff; no one turned away for lack of funds). Included in weekend workshop.

Apr 28: Green Drinks with eLoop

Pittsburgh Green Drinks April Edition will be hosted by Ned Eldridge, president and CEO of eLoop, LLC, the Pittsburgh company that responsibly recycles electronics.  And this time there's a call to action;  you can bring a cellphone or other small electronic item to Green Drinks for recycling (free of charge).  

All cell phones collected by the eLoop Last Call program will  be recycled in a responsible manner.  Only BAN e-Steward Recyclers will process the data destruction to prevent identity theft . The end-of-life material will not be exported to developing countries or put in a landfill.

eLoop llc is a sustainability specialist that focuses on helping organizations to reduce their cost of recycling both Universal and Electronic Waste.  In addition, eLoop specializes in secure Hard Drive Destruction by managing company's Reputational Risk.  We currently operate a PA DEP permitted demanufacturing facility in Pittsburgh PA.  As a responsible e-waste recycler we have signed the pledge of true stewardship with the Basel Action Network and are listed on their website (www.ban.org) as a pledged e-Stewards Recycler.
Join us to discuss how your company or organization can securely destroy sensitive hard drive data and recycle your obsolete electronic material in an environmentally responsible way. 
Ned Eldridge is President of eLoop llc, an IT Sustainability company providing effective data destructions services while promoting sustainability through the proper reuse or recycling of IT assets. An entrepreneur since 1989, Ned has worked on merger and acquisition projects that have brought tremendous value to shareholders, and he truly understands how to bring value to his customers. With twenty (20) years of business and management experience, Ned is passionate about his company and supports a management philosophy that promotes a simple and direct business approach.  eLoop works directly with corporate clients to manage the retirement of IT assets. eLoop focuses on the control and destruction of sensitive data, the refurbishment and remarketing of valuable equipment, and the ethical recycling of end of life electronics. Ned is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and Penn State University.
5-9 p.m. at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel (also known as the Fulton Building, near the corner of Fort Duquesne Blvd. & 6th St.), 107 6th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, 412-562-1200. 

Apr 28: Town Hall Meeting on Marcellus

Town Hall Meeting: Deep Well Drilling of The Marcellus Shal
The Senate Democratic Policy Committee will host a town hall meeting on deep well drilling of the Marcellus Shale.  Panels of public health, environmental, regulatory, local government and industry experts in the natural gas extraction field will be followed by a public comment period.  Each speaker will be given a maximum of 3 minutes. To speak during the public comment section, you must register with Sen. Ferlo's office at (412) 621-3306.  

The Marcellus Shale is a geological formation found under 
PennsylvaniaNew York and West Virginia between 5,000 and 8,000 feet below the surface. The formation is estimated to hold 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This fossil fuel resource possesses enormous opportunities, but perhaps even more environmental, public health, economic, and social challenges. Senator Ferlo has introduced SB 906 calling for a one year moratorium on expanded drilling and SB 680 which would establish stronger regulations and implement a severance tax to return revenue to local communities and various state environmental stewardship funds.
3 - 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh University Center, 100 Lytton AvePittsburgh.  Visit www.senatorferlo.com to view the full agenda.

Apr 27: Protest the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission

Governor Corbett's Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission is made up of drilling industry supporters & has virtually NO representation of citizens or environmental advocates.  Join groups from across Pennsylvania to make our voices heard!

10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Rachel Carson Building (room 105), Harrisburg, PA.  RSVP to Loretta at kenweir629@yahoo.com -- organizers will tally attendees and arrange carpools and/or buses.

For more information, go to http://marcellusprotest.org/node/956 or check it out and comment on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=216136418403798 .

Apr 26: Thomas Merton Center New Persons Award

The Thomas Merton Center is excited to announce that this year's New Person Awards will recognize the tireless and courageous efforts of the Marcellus Shale Protest Group on April 26, 2011 beginning at 7:00 PM, at the East Liberty Presbyterian Church.

marcellus protest groupThe 2011 TMC New Person Award winners are members of the Marcellus Shale Protest Group, an alliance of western PA groups & individuals who have joined together to build a broad movement to stop the destruction of our environment and communities caused by Marcellus Shale gas drilling, as well as to support affected communities. The TMC New Person Award event will feature short speeches by the awardees, light snacks, refreshments, and activist display tables featuring the works of local peace and justice organization.

7 p.m. at the East Liberty Presbyterian Church.  Registration from $15/person;  for more information and to register online, go here.

Apr 26-27: Nutrition conference in Harrisburg

The Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network’s Annual Conference 2011, Let's Keep Moving Toward Better Nutrition, will be held on April 26-27, 2011 at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel in Harrisburg, PA.

Find Everything You Need to Keep Moving Toward Better Nutrition:

  • Speakers to include: Ivan Juzang, Mark Fenton, Ann Cooper just to name a few.
  • Topics to be presented include improving school lunch programs, gardening programs, at risk urban population and so much more!
  • Develop relationships with colleagues through networking opportunities.
  • Visit and meet with vendors at our expanded resource area.
  • DPW, CDR (ADA), and AAFCS credits/hours are available.

If you work with the low-income audience you need to attend this conference! Share ideas, challenges and insights on emerging food and nutrition issues and initiatives by networking with nutrition professionals from Pennsylvania. Expand your professional network while enhancing your personal skills and knowledge.

If you have any questions please contact Rose at rcleland@phmc.org or 717.233.1791.

Apr 24, 27, 28, May 3&4: Open space planning meetings

The City of Pittsburgh is embarking on PLANPGH, the City’s first Comprehensive Plan. The purpose of PLANPGH is to create a shared vision and policies for the next 25 years of our City’s development.

OpenSpacePGH, the City’s Open Space, Parks, and Recreation Plan, is one of the initial components of PLANPGH, and will provide the City with goals and strategies for its parks, recreation, and formal open space systems, as well as a tool to assist in putting its vacant properties into productive re-use.

The outcome of these meetings will create the City’s vision for its open spaces, parks, and recreation areas, so get involved and help make Pittsburgh an even better place to live, work, play, and thrive!

More information can be found online at http://www.planpgh.com/ . Upcoming meetings include:

Upper East End: Monday, April 25 (6-8 PM)

Boys & Girls Club of Western PA, 4600 Butler Street (Lawrenceville)

Transit - 91 & 93 Bus Lines

South / West: Wednesday, April 27 (6-8 PM)

Mount Washington Senior Center, 122 Virginia Avenue (Mt. Washington)

Transit - 40 Bus Line

Lower East End: Thursday, April 28 (6-8 PM)

Greenfield Senior Center, 745 Greenfield Avenue (Greenfield)

Transit - 58 Bus Line

South Hills: Tuesday, May 3 (6:30-8:30 PM)

Seton Center, 1900 Pioneer Avenue (Brookline)

Transit - 41D Bus Line

Northside: Wednesday, May 4 (6-8 PM)

Pittsburgh King Pre K- 8 School, 50 Montgomery Street (Allegheny Center)

Transit - 16 & 500 Bus Lines

Apr 25: Marcellus Public Hearing in Sewickley

After a public hearing that included two hours of citizen comments and a forum on the same topic, Sewickley Council is holding an additional session.

6:30 p.m. at Big Sewickley Creek Fire Hall Sewickley Hills, PA.

Apr 22: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone!  May the coming year be one in which things turn around...

-- Maren.

Apr 22: Sustainability symposium at Slippery Rock

On Earth Day, Slippery Rock University will be hosting a symposium, “Towards a Sustainable Pennsylvania.” While the main focus of the event is on the Marcellus shale gas drilling issue, there will be simultaneous sessions for various groups and individuals to make presentations related to the symposium's overall topic.

Speakers will include former head of DEP John Hanger, economist Dr. Tim Kelsey (PSU), energy expert Dr. Michael Griffin (CMU), environmental expert Dr. John Stolz (DU), environmental expert Jon Laughner (PSU), health expert Dr. Charles Christen (Pitt), legal expert Ben Price (CELDF), economist Paul Dudenas (PIOGA), consulting geologist Dan Billman, and others.

9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at SRU's University Union.

Apr 22: Earth Day symposium at SRU (focus: Marcellus)

In honor of Earth Day 2011, Slippery Rock University is hosting a symposium entitled “Towards a Sustainable Pennsylvania.”  The main focus of the event will be the Marcellus shale gas drilling issue.  Information tables, displays and other presentations will also be on hand to showcase various efforts towards sustainability.
There will be simultaneous sessions for various groups and individuals to make presentations related to the symposium's overall topic.  Speakers include: former head of DEP John Hanger, economist Dr. Tim Kelsey (PSU), energy expert Dr. Michael Griffin (CMU), environmental expert Dr. John Stolz (DU), environmental expert Jon Laughner (PSU), health expert Dr. Charles Christen (Pitt), legal expert Ben Price (CELDF), economist Paul Dudenas (PIOGA), and consulting geologist Dan Billman.  
9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. in SRU's University Union, Slippery RockPA, 16057.  Free & open to the public.  Reservations not required, but please RSVP so we can set up adequate seating: MXL5577@sru.edu
Phone: 724-794-6317.

Apr 15-24: Forest garden design workshop

Edible Ecosystems Emerging: Food Forestry for the 21st Century, a nine-day forest garden design intensive with Dave Jacke and friends.

April 15-24, 2011 at Wild Meadows Farm, 456 Smith Road, Schellsburg, PA 15559. Sliding scale fee of $850-$1100 includes course instruction and materials, as well as wholesome vegan/vegetarian meals. Lodging is not included and scholarships are available. For more information, contact Kim Walsh via e-mail info@wildmeadowsfarm.com or call 814-839-4962. To register, go to http://wildmeadowsfarm.com

Forest ecosystems exhibit many beneficial properties we humans would be wise to emulate in our culture, agriculture and horticulture: they maintain, renew, fertilize and propagate themselves without human inputs; they build, store, and conserve clean air, clean water, nutrients, soil quality, and biodiversity; and they exhibit stability, resilience, and adaptability. These qualities emerge from the dynamics of the forest as a whole system, not from any one or more of the elements that comprise the forest alone. To design productive edible ecosystems that express these same qualities, we must understand forest structures, functions, patterns, and processes and use this knowledge wisely.

In this nine-day intensive course, you will dive deeply into the vision, theory, and practice of designing wholesome, dynamic, and resilient edible ecosystems using temperate deciduous forests as models. Dave Jacke and his Pennsylvania-based teaching team will offer lectures, site walks, and experiential exercises to help you understand how the architecture, social structure, underground economics, and successional processes of natural forests apply in the design of edible ecosystems of all kinds. You'll learn a variety of ecological design processes while designing a range of food-producing ecologies at our host farm. We'll also engage with issues of garden management, economics, and the deep paradigmatic shifts required to succeed at cocreating “humanatural” landscapes and cultures. You will leave inspired and empowered to design food forests at home for yourself, and your friends, neighbors and clients.

A collaboration of CHEARS, Dynamics Ecological Design, Pittsburgh Permaculture, and Wild Meadows Farm

Apr 15-21: Do Something Reel film festival

Whole Foods Market presents the Do Something Reel™ Film Festival, a collection of six provocative, character-driven films focused on passionate people making a world of difference.

From the Coal River Valley of West Virginia to the inner city of Detroit, from vanishing bee populations to the evolution of the National School Lunch Program, from farmers and active everyday citizens to doctors and scientists, the Do Something Reel line-up provides a moving, eye-opening look at how the choices we make can have a huge impact on our bodies, our economy, and our environment. We hope these films will inspire you to reflect on what you're passionate about, and how you can make a difference!

This nationwide traveling festival will be presented in 70+ cities throughout April, in celebration of Earth Month. From April 15th through April 21st, the Melwood Screening Room will play host to Whole Foods Market's "Do Something Reel" Film Festival.

April 15-21 at the Melwood Screening Room. Individual tickets $5.00, series pass $25.00. For more information,
http://www.pghfilmmakers.org/exhibition/wholefoods.html or http://www.dosomethingreel.com/ .

Apr 13: Rainwater Harvesting class

Celebrate the rain! Rain Water Harvesting and Watershed Awareness

Between Earth and Earth’s atmosphere, the amount of water remains constant; there is never a drop more, never a drop less. This is a story of circular infinity, of a planet birthing itself. “

The water molecules that we use and treasure today are the same water molecules that have always been on Planet Earth. We never get new water; therefore conservation and protection are essential.

Rainwater harvesting is an effective, ecological and economical method for the conservation and protection of this precious natural resource. By catching, storing and re-directing your roof water for on-site usage you can take advantage of this free source of precious water while at the same time contributing to a reduction in the combined sewer overflow (CSO) problem that plagues the Greater Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas, helping to reduce flooding and nonpoint source pollution, and contributing to recharging our groundwater supply. You’ll also have a free source of non-chlorinated water for use in your yard and garden.

Learn how to harvest rainwater from your roof and divert it for on-site usage in the landscape. Attend a rain barrel workshop and return home equipped with the knowledge and hardware needed (not the 55-gal. drum) to assemble and install a rain barrel. It’s easier than you might think.

6:30-8 p.m. at the CCI Center on the Southside (64 South 14th Street, 15203). You can register online by clicking here. $35/person and $45/couple.

For more information please call (412) 488.7490 ext. 247 or email Nancy Martin. For information on workshop gift certificates, click here. Additional workshops in the series are listed below:

Wednesday, May 4th
Phipps Garden Center
7pm to 8:30pm

Tuesday, May 11th
Mt. Lebanon Library
7pm to 8:30pm

Tuesday, May 19th
East End Food Co-op
6:30pm to 8pm

Apr 11: Transition workshop at Pitt

Transition Trainer Tina Clarke will teach about the Transition movement and how we can participate in our communities to create a better, more sustainable future!

7-9 p.m. at 540 William Pitt Union (at Fifth & Bigelow in Oakland).

Apr 9-10: Training for Transition

This course is packed with imaginative and inspiring ways to catalyze, support and engag e your community Training4Transition delves into both the theory and practice of Transition that has worked so well in hundreds of communities in the U.K. and around the world.

• Explore ways of increasing community resilience
• Learn to describe the challenges of Peak Oil, climate change, and economic instability in ways that bring people together and inspire action
• Receive tools for community outreach, education and creating shared vision
• Learn ways to work with obstacles that have prevented our communities from responding to the challenges
• Learn how to facilitate community collaboration -- supporting existing activities and expanding the number and diversity of people involved
• Meet others in your region who share your concerns and want to transition to greater stability and security
• Become a part of a rapidly growing positive, inspirational, global movement!

Who should attend: People interested in learning ways to transition their community, people already creating a Transition Initiative, and communities wishing to become an internationally-recognized Transition Initiative.

Instructors: Tina Clarke, certified Transition Trainer will be making her forth trip to Pittsburgh! She will be joined by Fred Brown, of the Kingsley Association in Pittsburgh and certified TransitionUS trainer.

9am-5pm on both Saturday and Sunday at Cedars of Monroeville. We will be setting up carpools from the city. Cost: $160. Refreshments and study materials included. All food is Potluck! (Lodging not included.) If you can donate extra money for scholarships, your generosity will help those with low incomes to attend! A small amount of work-trade spots and scholarships are available.

Registration: Send an Email with your info (name, neighborhood, affiliations) to Jeff Newman: jnewman11@gmail.com

Apr 8: Women business leaders on energy strategies

The Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series features prominent regional women business leaders speaking on a variety of progressive business topics. Casual networking and a continental breakfast precede engaging and interactive presentations on topics essential for women in business such as innovative entrepreneurship, strategic business growth, unique marketing strategies, and logistical business planning. On April 8, Janet Lauer, director of Three Rivers Clean Energy, will present "How Energy-Related Strategies and Investments Can Bring Value to Your Bottom Line."

The rising cost of energy can place a heavy demand on business owners, many of whom want to become savvier about what they can do to better manage this increasingly scarce and expensive c o mmodity. Further, energy scarcity and security issues have prompted businesses to look carefully at what risks they face if they continue to depend upon the current energy infrastructure. In light of these challenges businesses need to take a hard look at the way they are using energy and identify strategies to utilize it more efficiently.

Businesses face a lack of knowledge concerning how energy technologies work, how to find strategic and financial help in developing and implementing solutions, and where to s tart when seeking ways to reduce energy costs. Businesses are capable of following simple rules to save energy; however, a deeper understanding of energy efficiency gives them a greater capacity to make choices which have a more transformative or strategic effect on their energy use. Jan Lauer will help you better understand your options and where to find expert resources to help you make informed decisions about your energy use.

7:30-9 a.m. in the James Laughlin Music Center, on Chatham University's Shadyside campus. Cost: $25. Register online at www.chatham.edu/cwe/events/wblb_series.cfm .

Apr 5: Law of Marcellus symposium

The University of Pittsburgh Law Review and the Innovation Practice Institute present Developing the Law of the Marcellus Shale: Innovation for a Prosperous Community, a Safe Environment, and a Common Law. Join an innovative group of national scholars and practitioners as this symposium addresses the recent developments in the law of the Marcellus Shale as well as whether government rebulation and moratoriums are necessary in light of innovations within the field.

April 5, 2011 - 8 am5 pm at the University Club, 123 University Place, Pittsburgh, PA, 15260. This event is open to the public, but space is limited! Click here to RSVP ->

The morning session of this symposium includes the following topics and speakers:

Opening Speaker Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley

Lt. Governor Cawley was inaugurated as the 32nd Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on January 18th, 2011.

The Lt. Governor will be speaking about the Corbett Administration’s efforts to promote prosperous communities and safe environments relative to the Marcellus Shale.

"What a Short, Strange Trip It's Been: Moving Forward After Five Years of Marcellus Shale Development"

Professor Ross H. Pifer, Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law

"Developing a Common Law of Hydraulic Fracturing"

Professor David E. Pierce, Washburn University School of Law

"Recent Decisions Affecting the Development of the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania"

Attorney Kevin C. Abbott, Partner, Reed Smith LLP

Attorney Nicolle R. Snyder Bagnell, Partner, Reed Smith LLP

Kathryn Z. Klaber, President and Executive Director of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, will deliver the lunchtime Keynote Address.

The afternoon session of this symposium includes the following topics and speakers:

"Legal and Commercial Models for Pore-Space Access & Use for Geologic CO2 Sequestration"

Professor Owen L. Anderson, University of Oklahoma College of Law

R. Lee Gresham, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University

"Finding Environmental Solutions Through Innovation, Regulation, and Prohibition: A Pittsburgh Case Study" -- a Panel Discussion

Panel Moderator: Attorney Matthew McK. Mohn, Senior Associate, Reed Smith LLP

Panelists: Professor Jules Lobel, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Professor Radisav D. Vidic, University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering

Professor Emily A. Collins, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Attorney Blaine A. Lucas, Partner, Babst Calland Clements & Zomnir PC

Apr 4: WE ARE ONE rally

“We Are One” Rally for Workers Rights, Civil Rights and Environmental Rights: Join a nation-wide Day of Action to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, as he marched for economic and social justice for Memphis sanitation workers.

Today, Dr. King’s vision of a just, equitable America is under attack by corporate polluters and their political allies across the nation, said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. The Sierra Club is marching on April 4 in solidarity with the working families of America, and we are committed to protecting Americans’ fundamental rights to bargain for good jobs and fair treatment, to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

Gather at noon at EQT Plaza (6th St. and Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, 15222), and then march from EQT Plaza to Gov. Tom Corbett’s downtown office. Followed at 1 p.m with a Free luncheon at United Steelworkers headquarters (Stanwix and Blvd. of the Allies).

Apr 3: PennFuture's Clean Energy conference

PennFuture will host two global warming conferences at opposite ends of the Commonwealth. First, we’ll be in the Southwest talking about how clean energy can lead to a cool Pittsburgh. Then we’ll be in the Northeast to discuss global warming and its potential to wreck recreation. Details on our region's event are below.

Southwest Pennsylvania
Clean Energy for a Cool Pittsburgh
Sunday, April 3, 1:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Registration, networking and refreshments
from 1:00-1:30 p.m.

Duquesne University
Power Center, 1015 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Space at this conference is limited, so register today.

For information about exhibit space, contact Tiffany Hickman at 412-258-6682.
(free for allied public interest organizations)

Changing how we use energy and what kinds of energy we use are the most important things we can do to combat global warming and clean our air. The Pittsburgh region can lead and build our clean energy economy and create green jobs or we can ignore the problem and lag behind, continuing our legacy of creating deadly pollution that causes our children and jobs to leave the area.

This conference provides a road map for a cleaner future, with national and local experts in clean energy, electricity generation, transportation and buildings leading the charge. You’ll leave the event empowered with the information you need to take action personally and to create the vitally needed new policies in the Pittsburgh region, statewide and nationally.

Our speakers include:

  • Kate Gordon, vice president for energy policy at the Center for American Progress, a Washington, DC-based organization that addresses 21st century challenges such as energy, national security, economic growth and opportunity, immigration, education and health care. Most recently, Gordon was the co-director of the national Apollo Alliance, where she still serves as senior policy advisor
  • U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-Allegheny), member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the subcommittees onCommunications and Technology and Energy and Power. Doyle is one of the founders and co-chairs of the House Distributed Generation Caucus
  • John Hanger, Esq., former secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; former commissioner of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission; founding president of PennFuture
  • Robert Sroufe, Ph.D., director of sustainability at the Beard Institute, Duquesne University
  • Jim Spencer, president and CEO of Everpower, a developer of utility-grade wind projects with offices in Pittsburgh, Portland, Ore. and Bellefontaine, Ohio
  • Christine Mondor, co-principal of Evolve Environment Architecture; called a “warrior” for cutting-edge environmental architecture who seeks in her words “the Holy Grail of design -- affordable, contemporary, green”
  • Illah R. Nourbakhsh, professor of robotics, head of the Robotics Masters Program and director of the CREATE Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Colin Huwyler, CEO of Fossil Free Fuel
  • Joe Morinville, owner of Energy Independent Solutions
  • Jan Jarrett, president and CEO of PennFuture

Conference is free to PennFuture members and students (with ID); $10 for all others. Space is limited and registration is required.

Parking is available at the facility. Click here for full details.

Register today so you don’t miss it!