Welcome to Maren's List

Welcome to Maren's List!  This blog format streamlines external linking, creates a concise listing of headings with popdown links to the full entries, and provides the capacity for you to subscribe to a feed, announcing additions to the list. Features I'd like to add include information on urban homesteading and other ways to green your life, contact info for policymakers at the local, state, and national level to facilitate making your voice heard, sources for green goods, providing PDF flyers and posters, and directories of local businesses and environmental organizations.  Feedback and suggestions are welcome, as always.  If you send me info on events, please put "event" in the Subject: line.

Here's the current setup:  on the right, you'll see the list of headings in monthly "archive" sections.  This introductory message and ongoing resources appear in a future month, to keep them up top;  for events, the apparent posting date corresponds to the actual event date, to keep them appearing in order.  You can expand each month's list by clicking on the little triangle.  Click on an item of interest, and you'll go directly to the entry in its own window.  This list of headings should be a lot quicker to navigate than the previous style of one long email of full listings.  Also, with the archive in reverse-chronological order, I can leave past events online in case you might want to learn more about a topic or organization.