Sep 1: Action for Amazonia march and rally

Photo by Dado Galdier for The Guardian/AP
Amazonia is burning!  
The Amazon rainforest has seen an 80% increase in fires since 2018. And 99% percent of the fires result from human actions "either on purpose or by accident," said Alberto Setzer, a senior scientist at INPE. The burning can range from a small-scale agricultural practice, to new deforestation for a mechanized and modern agribusiness project.

The legendary Peoples Climate March of 400,000 people in NYC, led by Indigenous Peoples from many unique tribes on March 2nd, 2014.
The Indigenous People and all life-forms of the Amazon Rainforest are calling upon the rest of the world to TAKE ACTION. Please join us by rallying publicly outside the Carnegie Library of Oakland (by Dippy the Dinosaur) to raise public awareness, gain media attention, and propose small solutions that we can all do to boycott companies that profit off the exploitation of the Amazon Rainforest. #ActionForAmazonia

Here are some simple steps we recommend for coming to the Rally here in Pittsburgh and elsewhere:
1. Invite any local friends / groups who care about protecting the Amazon Rainforest / Climate Change, etc.
2. Invite local News, Print, and Video Media to grow public awareness.
3. Create signs, handouts, banners, etc. that advocate for boycotts, eating/buying local, low-carbon lifestyles, and other action step.
4. Document and share via all social media channels using #ActionForAmazonia
5. Join our Potluck in the grove of grass/trees outside the Library across from Schenley Plaza the rally after encouraging local foods, vegan/vegetarian dishes, and aim for Zero Food Waste, with compost / recycling available. This way the event doesn't simply end with the Rally and you can actually get to know other people passionate about Environmental Issues, share food together, and brainstorm for further actions. We encourage local gardeners, farmers, activists, and concerned citizens cross-pollinate and co-support eachothers' efforts.
6. Learn as much as you can about the Amazon, and whatever issue(s) you care most about, so you can be a spokesperson and help inform others about how they can take action.

2-5 p.m. outside the Carnegie Library main branch in Oakland. Learn more and touch base at the Facebook event pages for the local rally and the  Global effort. (If another time/day works for you or your group to do some of these things, go for it!) Local rally is being put together by Team Pachamama, the Breathe Project, and Extinction Rebellion Pittsburgh.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens 
can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 
-- Margaret Mead

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