Dec 10: Inspire Lecture series: Jeremy Rifkin and Bill Generett

Envisioning a Sustainable, Collaborative and Inclusive Economy


Our current economic model is obsolete and inadequate at serving the needs of our communities, citizens, the environment and future generations.  This model, based on the availability of cheap fossil fuels, is ready to be replaced by a new and resilient model built on connectedness, collaboration, innovation and empathy.  This Third Industrial Revolution will integrate the power and prevalence of the internet with twenty-first century renewable energy technologies, while ensuring inclusion, diversity and opportunity for all of our citizens.  Jeremy Rifkin will present his vision and perspective on the future of the global economy, while Bill Generett will discuss how the Pittsburgh region can bridge the gap between the soaring innovation economy and struggling communities.

5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Hill House Kaufmann Center.  Please go here for more information and online registration.  

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