Dec 5: Pipelines and other shale gas infrastructure

Pipelines In Your Backyard?
Shale Gas Infrastructure & Community Organizing

Marcellus Outreach Butler hosts a major presentation on Pipelines, and other Marcellus shale gas infrastructure.  Part of the SHALESHOCK series, the presentation will inform the public on the steps of moving the gas and gas liquids from wellhead to ultimate destination, and inspire further action on the issue.
Alex Lotorto from the Energy Justice Network will review the natural gas midstream, from wellhead to end use. Because our shale contains natural gas liquids as well as methane here in Butler County, Alex will cover how cryogenic processing plants work and why they exist. The three types of pipelines Alex will differentiate, are gathering lines, transmission lines, and distribution lines. Compressor stations are used to move gas along all pipelines.

After Alex reviews how the gas midstream works, he will discuss the problems with each part including land disturbance, basic wetland and stream ecology, land use issues, eminent domain and landowner rights, impacts on air quality, and how organization in the shale fields can be used to leverage companies in their decision making. This includes an overview of strategies and tactics that have been used across the state, including municipal ordinances, landowner coalitions, conservation groups’ monitoring, and direct action.

1 - 3:30 p.m. at the Butler Public Library, 218 N. McKean Street.  Program is free and open to the public.  Light refreshments will be served.  Photo by Sam Hoszwa.

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