May 31, June 28, July 26: Pittsburgh Open Streets and City Spree

What if you could close down a city street, and use it for a few hours of good, healthy, family fun?

You’d have OpenStreetsPGH. Come down and join us to walk, run, bike and skate through the streets of Pittsburgh. It’s a whole new way to look at and experience your city. And a whole new way to have fun with your friends and family.

Take a look at our route map to see just how much fun you can pack into three-and-a-half miles from Downtown to the Strip District to Lawrenceville!

Want to play a larger role in OpenStreetsPGH? Be a sponsor or an event day volunteer. Learn how you can get involved in making sure each Sunday this summer is as fun as it can be!

City Spree, a map-based run that has taken place here the past two years, is an organizer.  City Spree is a city-wide race...without a course.  Runners and walkers create their own path through the city to discover its secret places and hidden gems.  Individuals and groups are welcome, as racers compete on speed, distance, and cleverness--as long as they make it back in time.  The City Spree is now part of Open Streets!  Join CS to run through sections of Butler, Penn, and Smallman Street as they're closed to motorized traffic the morning of May 31, and explore even more of the city as you create your own course along sidewalks and trails.  Many of the checkpoints are within the OpenStreets corridors, but there are several outside of those areas as well. 

Find out more and register online at

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