May 7: Biophilia on environmental artist Ann Rosenthal

ATRHeadPic.jpgEnvironmental artists and educator Ann Rosenthal will be giving a talk on environmental art at the next Biophilia Meetup at Phipps.

Environmental Art: Igniting Awareness and Action

In parallel with the environmental movement sparked by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, artists have addressed a wide range of environmental concerns, including pollution, biodiversity, and climate change.  Such work crosses disciplines and takes diverse forms to raise awareness, ignite biophilia, and provoke action.  In this presentation, Pittsburgh environmental artist and educator Ann Rosenthal will provide a sampling of this exciting field to demonstrate how artists are taking the lead to reclaim compromised ecosystems and promote sustainability.  Pittsburgh has become a center and model of environmental art from the restoration of Nine Mile Run to current projects in Larimer, which Ann will discuss along with her own work.  In addition, she will highlight precursors to contemporary environmental art, including landscape painting and 20th century Land Art.  Ann received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University and has taught numerous courses on environmental art in Pittsburgh, the eastern U.S., and online.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the U.S., in Germany and Japan.  Ann’s essays and other work have been published in several journals and anthologies.  She owns an industrial building in Pittsburgh where she works and directs LOCUS – a creative commons where art, community and ecology meet (See more at 

 5:30-7 p.m. at Phipps Conservatory's Center for Sustainable Landscapes.  You can sign up for the Pittsburgh Biophilia list here.

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