May 23-25 & 30-31: Plant sales

Putting Down Roots plant sales:
Spring has sprung!   I'll be available here on Saturday May 23rd, Sunday the 24th, and Monday the 25th and then again on May 30 & 31st from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  I've grown 40 varieties of tomatoes, brassicas (broccoli, kales, collards, cauliflowers and the like), cucurbits (cukes, squash, and such), herbs, and flowers from seed this winter and spring -- and will also have transplants of various perennials from ferns to sweet woodruff as well as black raspberries, strawberries, many members of the mint family, and lots more.  Also CobraHead gardening tools, perfect for rooting out plants-in-the-wrong-place (often referred to as "weeds").  And black gold, also known as worm castings, from Full Circle Soil in Hazelwood, in 2# and 5# bags.
If you'd like to come over, it would be great if you can let me know (by email to maren dot cooke at gmail dot com, with "plants" in the Subject line).  Among other things, I need your email to send you Directions & Other Info.  Also, if you are interested in particular things and let me know in advance, I can try to have them ready -- some of the perennials, especially, I'm digging as needed.  Times outside these hours are also possible;  just contact me and we can set up a time!  

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