Oct 8: Sustainability Pioneers screening and panel discussion

Building a Bridge to Renewable Energy Future
Join filmmaker Kirsi Jansa and local experts in energy and sustainability for a screening of the new Sustainability Pioneers documentary series, followed by a panel discussion.  

October is a national energy awareness month, and therefore a great time to launch Sustainability Pioneers, a brand new southwestern Pennsylvania-based series of short documentaries on the transition to sustainable energy future.  Sustainability Pioneers is in a way a continuation of Gas Rush Stories - it seeks to widen the way we think about energy in SW PA. The series explores the what kind of challenges we have when building the bridge to renewable energy future, and how those challenges could be overcome. 

Panelists will include Pittsburgh sustainability manager Grant Ervin, Rachel Carson scholar and energy consultant Patricia DeMarco, EIS energy project consultant Hal Saville, and "solar citizen" Fred Kraybill.

7-9 p.m. at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Melwood Screening Room;  $10.   You can learn more and view a trailer here.

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