Oct 2: Audubon conference call on birds and climate

National Audubon Society’s president and CEO David Yarnold and Chief Scientist Gary Langham will be on hand for an hour to brief members of the Audubon community and answer your questions about global warming and birds. 

Among the topics to be covered:
  • Which birds are most likely to be affected by global warming in the coming years;
  • Sources of hope, like the “climate strongholds” we have identified in the study; and
  • Ways you can help, in your own backyard or on a larger scale.
Participation is simple:
  1. When you register for this free event, just provide a phone number (mobiles are fine) at which you would like to be connected.
  2. You’ll also have a chance to email a question to be read by the moderator during the town hall.
  3. On October 2nd at 7:30 PM EDT, an operator will call you to patch you in to the call.
  4. The format is like a radio call-in show. You will have the option to ask a question, but you are more than welcome just to listen in.
Global warming is the bird conservation challenge of our time. Please join Audubon for this opportunity to come together and learn more.

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