Apr 29: Triple Divide film screening

Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo co-narrates this 18-month cradle-to-grave investigation by

Public Herald, an investigative news nonprofit co-founded by journalists Joshua Pribanic and Melissa Troutman. Triple Divide features uncovered state documents, never before seen interviews with industry giants and advocates, exclusive reports with impacted landowners, and expert testimonies.

Triple Divide reveals how state regulators have abandoned the public they’re meant to serve. And though the industry says fracking can be done safely, the film shows that no amount of regulation can prevent the corrosion of wells casings, illegal burying of radioactive waste, or the “pressure bulb” effect fracking creates underground.

The film’s title represents one of only four Triple Continental Divides in North America, a place that provides drinking water to millions of Americans and signals to the audience that everything, and everyone, is downstream from shale gas extraction.

Public response to Triple Divide:

“Powerful” ... “Amazing” ... “Beautiful” - Pennsylvania Screenings
“This documentary deserves an oscar!” - Celia Janosik
“This documentary is absolutely fantastic!” - Joe Shervinski
“Best Documentary on Fracking Ever, Better Than Gasland!’ - OUE

7 p.m. at 5401 Centre Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15232  (Shadyside). Filmmakers Joshua Pribanic and Melissa Troutman will be on hand for a Q&A session after the screening.  For additional information contact: Wanda Guthrie 412-596-0066 or email: environment@thomasmertoncenter.org 

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