Apr 6: Chatham Eco-Fest and Bike Share kickoff

In celebration of our latest Bike Share Program (sponsored by Free Ride!), Chatham is reaching out to local environmental organizations, clubs, businesses and small vendors to help expose and connect them to other organizations. 

We will provide spaces for individual organizations to establish their identity and to present their media or other displays. Our own Chatham students will attend as well as local student run Environmental organizations, in addition to organizations in the greater Pittsburgh Area.

Chatham may not have enough tables for everybody so we suggest bringing a card table with you, as well as a blanket or lawn chairs. All tablers will be in our beautiful grassy quad.

We encourage bringing information about past projects or campaigns to promote the Environmental Lifestyle. If you have a portfolio of sorts or just a spheal to tell visitors that would be awesome as well.

In our Dilworth hall, housing for grad students and also Environmental professors, we will set aside a room to more intimately share past projects and discuss more ideas for promoting the Environmental Lifestyle in the future, through each organization’s individual focus.

1-5 p.m. at Chatham University.  Free & open to the public.  Contact Lyndy if you would like to table!

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