Mar 28: House made of garbage...

House Made of Garbage Pays no Utility Bills: Mark Dixon Speaks on Earthships

Mark will be talking about Earthships, which are houses made of garbage (tires pounded full of dirt, laying the foundation; pop bottles arrayed in concrete to form walls) that basically don't pay utility bills because of how they just suck up heat, have sloping roofs that empty into rain barrels, that fill toilets, that feed indoor year-round-producing gardens, and so on. Mark's studied them attentively and visited them, too, since he wants to build one here in Pittsburgh. Footage of the original Earthship in New Mexico was part of YERT, the environmental roadtrip movie he made with Ben Evans.

Just a note of clarification: This is not an "official" Earthship event. Mark doesn't represent the Earthship Biotecture organization in any way, and he has not been formally trained by them.

7 p.m. in William Pitt Union 837 (at Pitt)

This talk is part of the TransitionPGH Spring 2013 Resilience Speaker Series:

A sustainable living mecca: used tires pounded full of dirt, aluminum cans, & glass bottles make super-insulative walls; rainwater fills mutli-1000-gallon tanks, used for showers, which in turn feed indoor tropical food forests; and they're beautiful. Starting from the original in Arizona, this model of sustainable design has spread to rural & urban areas worldwide, and will soon join the super-sustainable marvels of Pittsburgh.

Mark Dixon traveled the U.S. for his multiple-award-winning documentary YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip, where he interviewed the father of Earthships, Michael Reynolds, at his home Earthship in Arizona. Ever since, Mark has studied Earthships around the world, preparing to build one here in Pittsburgh.

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