Apr 28: Indoor local market in Forest Hills

The second indoor(*) market will feature honey, bee products, natural skin care items, plants, teas, CSA farm information (**), Backyard Garden Packages, fair trade coffee, baked goods and more. 

All of what's offered here at the indoor market has a local connection, and so the benefits are significant for everyone: In addition to being just plain good for you, the products sold will be supporting small, start-up businesses, which in turn strengthens the Pittsburgh economy. That is, keeping your dollars here in Pittsburgh (instead of getting the so-called "better deals" at Big Box stores -- who simply ship your dollars to shareholders in distant cities) means your money circulates hereand helps to build the city we live in. 

In a nutshell, by buying at local markets you get carefully made, small batch items directly from the producer...and that person doesn't have to watch all their profits go into the pockets of middle men. And the local economy grows: It's a win-win deal all around. (Er, ooops, not everyone: Wall Street loses...sorry, guys.)

So please tell your friends and neighbors to mark their calendars...and stop in on the 28th for samples, for great products, for conversation and more.

People connecting with people directly: This is what building local community looks like!

* (...with the possibility of moving out-of-doors, weather permitting!) 
** CSA: Community-Supported Agriculture, weekly shares of local farms' fields, direct from those fields on the days it's harvested.

Saturday, April 28th, 2pm-5pm, at 220 Overdale Rd. in Forest Hills.  For more information, contact Elizabeth.

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