Apr 26: SEER Environmental Expo at CMU

Carnegie Mellon's Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research invites you to their Environmental Expo!  The Expo is a showcase of the eclectic projects and research being performed by Carnegie Mellon students, staff and faculty.

Some exhibits to be included in the Expo:

“High Point Pittsburgh-Virtually There”
High Point Pittsburgh - Virtually There is a computer-based, Internet accessible “virtual destination” presenting a public facility proposed for the one-acre roof top of the U. S. Steel Tower. 

The Carnegie Mellon Community Vegetable Garden Group
The exhibit will explain the history of the CMU community vegetable garden and show how it has enriched CMU’s campus and student community.

The project is a prototype mobile water play space with a closed loop water treatment system. The closed loop system includes a waterslide and visible treatment systems.

“The Story of White"
“The Story of White" is a case study that explores the impact of hazardous waste regulation and TRI reporting on the titanium dioxide manufacturing sector, with a particular focus on dioxin releases.

“Aeroponic Plants & Airport Design”
This project is an investigation of the potential air filtering plants have to both act as a system which would reduce the loads on the mechanical ventilation equipment but also contribute to the sense of place and architectural expression of the airport terminal.

“ Solar Splash”
Solar Splash is an undergraduate student team designing and constructing a solar-electric boat.  Research undertaken as part of this project includes making the mechanical and electrical aspects of a solar boat as efficient and effective as possible.

“Zero Waste Event Planning”
Learn from others on campus how to plan and implement a zero waste event where the majority of the ’waste’ can be collected for composting.  

4-6 p.m. in Rangos 2 & 3 of CMU's University Center

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