Oct 29: Pittsburgh Solar Tour

Three Rivers Solar Source (a project of PennFuture) is your host on this self-guided open-house tour of homes that use solar energy.  You will find many such homes in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities.  All of the owners of these homes have graciously invited you to stop by, see, learn, and ask questions about their solar installations.

Your trusty blogger Maren's own house (where a new photovoltaic system is being installed in amongst a roof garden) is one of the homes on the tour.

It is exciting that so many solar homeowners want to show off their installations.  We are also excited that so many of these systems were installed by Pittsburgh's and western Pennsylvania's own solar energy businesses.  We know they'll love to show off their handiwork!

Some homeowners might take you on a tour of the other features that make their home more environmentally friendly (in Maren's little permaculture oasis, there is rainwater harvesting and stormwater diversion using a rain garden, pond, and rain barrels;  organic vegetable, herb, and fruit production;  shiitake mushroom cultivation; composting;  and a renovation/addition utilizing local wood and stone as well as recycled, reused, and salvage materials and passive solar design).  Some might answer questions and show the components of their system from their front yard -- it's up to the individual host.

The site hosts will be at their homes to greet visitors between noon and 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 29.  There's no need to register;  just choose a few locations you want to visit and stop on by!  Use the map and online PDF guide at www.pghsolartour.org to plan your tour.

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