Oct 1: Rachel's Sustainable Feast

Join the Rachel Carson Homestead for the fifth annual Sustainable Feast! The Feast will showcase sustainable and locally-sourced dishes prepared by Southwestern Pennsylvania’s most popular and talented chefs from restaurants such as Six Penn Kitchen, Avenue B, Tin Front Café, Park Bruges, Red Oak Café, Quiet Storm, Oh Yeah!, LEVY Restaurants, and many more! In addition to mouth-watering cuisine, the event will also feature music, a farmers' market, eco-friendly crafters, artisans and businesses, and politicians and advocacy groups who work to protect our land, water and air.

Dr. Will Clower, food and health guru and author of The French Don't Diet, will speak about sustainability and healthy eating while he hands out chocolate to the crowd. There will be games and family-friendly activities for all to enjoy.

2-6 p.m. at the Springdale High School, just down the hill from Rachel Carson's childhood home.  Tickets are available now. Get yours today before they sell out! Attend the Feast

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