Oct 18: Immigration discussion with County candidates

Looking Forward to Immigration (with Rich and Raja)


Pittsburgh is less diverse than 98 out of 100 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, according to the 2010 census - "whiter even than the Amish country around Lancaster, the Mormon population center of Salt Lake City, Midwest agrarian capitals such as Des Moines, Iowa, and far more isolated places like Boise, Idaho," says Gary Rotstein of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "How does a region built on immigration, albeit from previous centuries, come to have in 2011 such a small share of people of color?"

On October 18, cityLIVE! and Vibrant Pittsburgh will host a conversation between candidates D. RajaRich Fitzgerald and you, the audience, on the status of foreign born talent and diversity in the region. Economic development is at the heart of this discussion. For instance, 25 percent of U.S. business owners in the technology and engineering sector are foreign born, as are the owners of 24 percent of patent applications filed. Moderated by Melanie Harrington, CEO of Vibrant Pittsburgh, we will hear how our future leaders plan to tackle these issues in their future role as Allegheny County Executive.

This is an important conversation. Be there, or be really square.

6:30 p.m. at the New Hazlett Theater.   CLICK TO RSVP

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