Apr 28: Green Drinks with eLoop

Pittsburgh Green Drinks April Edition will be hosted by Ned Eldridge, president and CEO of eLoop, LLC, the Pittsburgh company that responsibly recycles electronics.  And this time there's a call to action;  you can bring a cellphone or other small electronic item to Green Drinks for recycling (free of charge).  

All cell phones collected by the eLoop Last Call program will  be recycled in a responsible manner.  Only BAN e-Steward Recyclers will process the data destruction to prevent identity theft . The end-of-life material will not be exported to developing countries or put in a landfill.

eLoop llc is a sustainability specialist that focuses on helping organizations to reduce their cost of recycling both Universal and Electronic Waste.  In addition, eLoop specializes in secure Hard Drive Destruction by managing company's Reputational Risk.  We currently operate a PA DEP permitted demanufacturing facility in Pittsburgh PA.  As a responsible e-waste recycler we have signed the pledge of true stewardship with the Basel Action Network and are listed on their website (www.ban.org) as a pledged e-Stewards Recycler.
Join us to discuss how your company or organization can securely destroy sensitive hard drive data and recycle your obsolete electronic material in an environmentally responsible way. 
Ned Eldridge is President of eLoop llc, an IT Sustainability company providing effective data destructions services while promoting sustainability through the proper reuse or recycling of IT assets. An entrepreneur since 1989, Ned has worked on merger and acquisition projects that have brought tremendous value to shareholders, and he truly understands how to bring value to his customers. With twenty (20) years of business and management experience, Ned is passionate about his company and supports a management philosophy that promotes a simple and direct business approach.  eLoop works directly with corporate clients to manage the retirement of IT assets. eLoop focuses on the control and destruction of sensitive data, the refurbishment and remarketing of valuable equipment, and the ethical recycling of end of life electronics. Ned is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and Penn State University.
5-9 p.m. at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel (also known as the Fulton Building, near the corner of Fort Duquesne Blvd. & 6th St.), 107 6th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, 412-562-1200. 

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