Apr 8: Women business leaders on energy strategies

The Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series features prominent regional women business leaders speaking on a variety of progressive business topics. Casual networking and a continental breakfast precede engaging and interactive presentations on topics essential for women in business such as innovative entrepreneurship, strategic business growth, unique marketing strategies, and logistical business planning. On April 8, Janet Lauer, director of Three Rivers Clean Energy, will present "How Energy-Related Strategies and Investments Can Bring Value to Your Bottom Line."

The rising cost of energy can place a heavy demand on business owners, many of whom want to become savvier about what they can do to better manage this increasingly scarce and expensive c o mmodity. Further, energy scarcity and security issues have prompted businesses to look carefully at what risks they face if they continue to depend upon the current energy infrastructure. In light of these challenges businesses need to take a hard look at the way they are using energy and identify strategies to utilize it more efficiently.

Businesses face a lack of knowledge concerning how energy technologies work, how to find strategic and financial help in developing and implementing solutions, and where to s tart when seeking ways to reduce energy costs. Businesses are capable of following simple rules to save energy; however, a deeper understanding of energy efficiency gives them a greater capacity to make choices which have a more transformative or strategic effect on their energy use. Jan Lauer will help you better understand your options and where to find expert resources to help you make informed decisions about your energy use.

7:30-9 a.m. in the James Laughlin Music Center, on Chatham University's Shadyside campus. Cost: $25. Register online at www.chatham.edu/cwe/events/wblb_series.cfm .

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