Feb 24: Fighting for the Middle Class rally

To all who concerned about the health of our natural environment and the people who live here: Many of us believe that what is currently happening in Madison Wisconsin is about power, the power of polluting corporations to break the unions, reduce the opposition in state and federal elections, and influence the courts.

The Supreme Court’s ‘Citizen United’ decision to recognize corporations as individuals with the right to provide funds to election campaign is one part of this quest for power. In our own state the gas industry is making sure that elected officials will listen to them at any time. In Congress the coal and electric power companies are using their power to make sure that Representatives like Altmire and Critz vote to remove EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gases.

The unions of this country are the remaining bulwark against the power of polluting corporations. If the Governor of Wisconsin, elected with the help of the Koch brothers, is able to break the public service and teacher unions right to collective bargaining, we can expect Ohio and Indiana and others to follow.

Please join the Rally “Fighting For the Middle Class”

Beginning at noon on Thursday, February 24 at the United Steelworkers
International Headquarters,
5 Gateway Center/
60 Boulevard of the Allies in
Downtown Pittsburgh.
Lunch Provided.

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