Feb 15: ACHD air quality meeting

The Allegheny County Health Department will hold a meeting on air quality, at which citizens are able to speak briefly near the end. Allegheny County is one of two counties in the whole state that governs its own air quality. Allegheny County can establish laws more stringent than DEP; DEP can establish laws more stringent than EPA. The goal for this meeting is to have the Air Quality Advisory Committee formally ask that its own Regulation Subcommittee look into shale gas extraction AQ issues and formulate new regulations if necessary. The subcommittee (made up of citizens, enviros, academics, industry) would then begin a (possibly year-long) journey to learn about Marcellus air quality impacts and formulate laws to protect our health. When the new regulations are formulated the full committee will review (citizens welcome here) and recommend yay/nay that the Board of Health approve (citizen input welcome here too).

Welcome, Call to Order, Chair’s Remarks, Approval of Minutes from October 19, 2010
Subcommittee Reports:
A. Criteria Pollutant /Air Monitoring Subcommittee – Coleen Davis
B. Pollution Prevention/Education Subcommittee –Rachel Fillipini
C. Regulation Subcommittee – Robert Orchowski
Clean Air Fund Request – Southwest PA Air Quality Partnership – Alaina Conner
Revised PM2.5 SIP – Jayme Graham <==== THIS REPORT ON CLAIRTON MAY TAKE A LONG TIME New Business A. Health Impacts related to Air Quality raised in the Hopey-Templeton series in the Post Gazette in December B. Marcellus Shale Drilling air quality concerns Other Business Citizen Comments Date of Next Meeting, Adjournment

5:30-7 p.m. (may go a bit longer) at 3901 Penn Ave., Building #7, Pittsburgh 15201-1891. For more information, 412-578-8103 or 412-687-ACHD.

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