Feb 1: Transition Pittsburgh Gift Circle

The next Training for Transtion (T4T) event will be an introductory meeting about the Transition movement, with a Gift Circle.
A Gift Circle is a way of building personal connections and fostering the flow of goods and services within a community.
A Gift Circle is essentially a gathering of community members intent on sharing and receiving gifts and services. Instead of the dominant money system, where every individual is encouraged to be financially independent and thus isolated from the community, a gift circle facilitates interconnection and relationship.

Typically, a group of 5-20 people sit in a circle. Each person introduces themselves and answers an ice-breaker. Then each person individually expresses a need, a desire, or a goal (ie a bicycle tune-up, foot massage, garden assistance). Next, anyone in the circle can address this need with a direct or indirect solution. After everyone has shared needs and goals, round two begins, where one by one, participants offer a gift, skill, or resource (ie knitting skills, space to garden, a truck). Then, anyone interested in these offerings speaks up and connects with their fellow community member. Terrific connections and gratitude often emerge between previous “strangers”. It is truly eye-opening what can happen in such a setting.

We will be facilitating a big gift circle at this event on Feb. 1st, and would love to see you there. You don't need to bring any sort of material gift, unless that is what you want to share.
To learn more about gift circles, check out

7-10 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh at 5401 Centre Avenue.

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