Nov 3: Rally to stop Shale Gas Drilling

no frack sign

On November 2-4, the gas industry will host a national conference on shale gas drilling at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. As Pennsylvania citizens concerned about the health of our communities and the environment on which we depend, we will attend this summit in the streets.

The November 3rd Marcellus Protest Organizing Committee is an emerging effort in Southwestern PA mobilizing to protest the ongoing hydraulic fracturing of the Marcellus Shale. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” is an under-regulated and unsafe natural gas extraction method. Unlike other forms of natural gas drilling, hydraulic fracturing causes catastrophic and potentially irreversible consequences. Citizens from across the US have been fighting hydraulic fracturing. Now the gas industry has begun drilling in Allegheny county, racking up violations, and buying up leases within the Pittsburgh city limits. Whether in rural PA in Pittsburgh, fracking may be coming to a home near you. That is, unless we mobilize to stop them.

As the facts about fracking bubble to the surface, Marcellus Shale gas drilling is becoming more and more unpopular. Several gas well explosions, dozens of compelling personal stories and hundreds of reported violations have inspired small townships, metropolitan cities, and even the entire state of New York to say, “now wait a minute.” But we need to keep up the momentum.

The gas industry wants to snatch the dollars that lie within the Shale before too many people stand in their way -- or an event like the BP blowout in the Gulf puts the kabosh on the deal. That’s why they’re shelling out $2.85 million to both Democrats and Republicans, and another $900,000 to former PA Governor Tom Ridge to spearhead an unprecedented PR campaign. The gas industry's approach puts profits before people, and their fracking continues despite the unknown health risks posed by the practice. Though the drilling has begun, there have been no scientific studies to gauge how much damage fracking inflicts on our beautiful environment.

On November 3rd we will show the gas industry and our elected officials that our lives, our future and our votes are not for sale. By organizing this mass demonstration we hope to bring our communities together to build a sustainable grassroots movement that will protect our communities and our environment.

Please help us grow that movement.

Come to Pittsburgh. Mobilize folks from your community to join you. Ask your group to sponsor or endorse the November 3rd protest. Volunteer to help with outreach, publicity, media, web, fundraising or logistics. Make a donation. Or host an event leading up to or following the summit, such as a discussion group or screening of GASLAND, a compelling documentary about fracking. The Committee will help promote your event.

10:30am Assemble on Allegheny Landing on the North Shore (shore park between the Andy Warhol & Roberto Clemente Bridges)

12:00pm March steps off: we cross the Rachel Carson bridge into downtown Pittsburgh and then stop in front of the Convention Center.

1:00pm Rally with music, speakers, tabling and other festivities. Program ends around 3pm.

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