Mar 7: International Women's Day event

"Join Us On The Bridge": Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day. From March 6 to March 8, women and men around the world will be joining together for a unique celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day: they’ll be gathering on bridges to highlight the critical role of women in waging peace and building a better future for all.
“This is a day when we ask women worldwide to unite in building the bridges of peace for our future.”
—Join Us On The Bridge website (
Locally, the event will be held on Sunday, March 7, on the 9th Street Bridge. Women and men will gather on either side of the bridge at 2:30 p.m., then begin marching at 3pm to meet each other with banners and songs in the middle of the bridge. At press time, a dozen organizations were involved in sponsoring the events, including the American Friends Service Committee PA Program, Pittsburgh CodePink, Roots of Promise, several local chapters of NOW, Students for Justice inPalestine, School of the Americas Watch/Western Pennsylvania, Women’s Independent Press, and Dr. Goddess Arts, Education and Management.

Women to Women International, an organization which helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives, is calling for women to join together not only because of women’s work in waging peace, but because across the globe, women bear the brunt of war and poverty. Throughout the world, women go through everything that men go through—hunger, poverty, injustices, torture, imprisonment, racist colonialism, etc.—but in addition, they are subjected to a whole other set of injustices as a direct result of their universal second-class, subjugated status.
Join us on the bridge on Sunday, March 7th, to honor these women and join them in building bridges for sustainable peace and justice in our own communities and across the globe.

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