Mar 10: Rain Barrel workshop at CCI

Rain Water Harvesting and Watershed Awareness

Rainwater harvesting is an effective, ecological and economical method for the conservation and protection of this precious natural resource. By catching, storing and re-directing your roof water for on-site usage you can take advantage of this free source of precious water while at the same time contributing to a reduction in the combined sewer overflow (CSO) problem that plagues the Greater Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas, helping to reduce flooding and nonpoint source pollution, and contributing to recharging our groundwater supply. You’ll also have a free source of non-chlorinated water for use in your yard and garden.

Learn how to harvest rainwater from your roof and divert it for on-site usage in the landscape. Attend a rain barrel workshop and return home equipped with the knowledge and hardware needed (not the 55-gal. drum) to assemble and install a rain barrel. It’s easier than you might think.

2010 PRC West Watershed Awareness/Rain BarrelWorkshops

6:30 – 8pm on Wednesday, March 10th at CCI Center on the South Side

6:30 – 8pm on Thursday, April 6th at the Green Tree Municipal Building, W. Manilla Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15220

6:30 – 8pm on Thursday, April 15th at the East End Co-Op

6:30 – 8pm on Thursday, April 22nd at the Richland Twp Municipal Building, 4019 Dickey Road Gibsonia, Pa 15044

6:30 – 8pm on Thursday, April 29th at Heidelberg@ Three Hierarchs Eastern Orthodox School, 1819 Ellsworth Avenue Carnegie, PA 15106-3947

7 - 8:30pm on Thursday, May 6th at the Upper St Clair Library, 1820 McLaughlin Run Road · Upper St.Clair, PA 15241

10am – 11:30am on Saturday, May 15th at the Schrader Environmental Center, Oglebay Institute Wheeling, WV 26003

6 – 8pm on Wednesday, May 19th at the Regional Environmental Education Center in Boyce-Mayview Park, Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

7 - 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 27th at Phipps Garden Center (5th & Shady Avenues)Wednesday, June 2nd

7 – 8:30pm at Lauri Ann West Memorial Library, 1220 Powers Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

2 - 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 13th at Hahn Nursery in the North Hills

6:30 – 8pm on Wednesday, September 8th at CCI Center on the South Side

For more information or to register for a class please call (412) 488.7490 ext. 247 or email
Nancy Martin.

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