Jan 9: Water Warriors film screening

Join Pittsburgh United for a film screening, panel discussion, and dinner. The film Water Warriors tells the story of a community’s successful fight to protect their water from the oil and natural gas industry. Donations collected at the door at a pay-what-you-can basis. 

6:30-8:30 at the Glitter Box Theater (460 Melwood Ave, 15213).
Film Description: When an energy company begins searching for natural gas in New Brunswick, Canada, indigenous and allied families unite to drive out the company in a campaign to protect their water and way of life.

Texas-based SWN Resources arrived in New Brunswick, Canada to explore for natural gas. The region is known for its forestry, farming and fishing industries, which are both commercial and small-scale subsistence operations that rural communities depend on. In response, a multicultural group of unlikely warriors–including members of the Mi’kmaq Elsipogtog First Nation, French-speaking Acadians and white, English-speaking families–set up a series of road blockades, preventing exploration. After months of resistance, their efforts not only halted drilling; they elected a new government and won an indefinite moratorium on fracking in the province.

The Our Water Campaign has been fighting for safe, affordable, and publicly accountable water in Pittsburgh for 2 years. In 2017, we kicked off our campaign where Nayyirah Shariff, Director of Flint Rising spoke at our "Not Another Flint Townhall," where she stood in solidarity with Pittsburgh residents impacted by lead. Nayyirah spoke about her experience organizing Flint residents during the water crisis, and met with our campaign to help us plan our campaign for safe, democratically controlled water. 

Now after two years, the Our Water Campaign is proud to have been invited by Nigeria's Environmental Rights Action to the National Water Summit on the Human Right to Water in Nigeria to speak about our campaign to stop PWSA from being privatized. 

All funds go towards sending 4 Pittsburgh representatives to Nigeria. 

Link to donation page: gofundme.com/PghtoNigeria
Link to documentary trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=H7geZzFvU44

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