Jan 21: UNITE Kickoff

Join Representative Summer Lee for the launch of a new political organization in Allegheny County!

We live in a time of endless possibilities! More and more working people from all walks of life are turning their hopes, anger, and vision into action. Together, we have won real victories in Allegheny County. We have come together - across race, across rivers - to fight for a better world. On January 21st, we take our next step forward.

UNITE is a new political action committee dedicated to building power in Allegheny County. Power for all workers; for people of color; for poor people; for parents and students; for women; for LGBTQ+ people; for people with disabilities. We must build a movement that welcomes everyone and excludes no one, a movement built by people organizing to cast off oppression, one victory at a time. We must ensure that candidates for local office who share our vision have an army behind them!

On January 21, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the work of building UNITE begins! If you believe that every person should have meaningful work, adequate income, world-class schools and healthcare, clean air and water, and safe and affordable neighborhoods - we hope you will build with us.

6-8 p.m. at Center of Life (161 Hazelwood Ave, 15207).  Food and Drink provided; ADA accessible; children and families welcome. Email unite.allegheny@gmail.com with requests for accommodation or interpretation.

Hosted by:
Representative Summer Lee, Ashley Comans, Brandi Fisher, Lisa Frank, Lauren Lynch Novakovic, Jonathan Mayo, Terri Minor Spencer, and Monica Ruiz.

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