Jun 13: Citizens’ Hearing on EPA’s GHG Emission Rule

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has proposed standards limiting carbon pollution from future fossil fuel-fired power plants. This new rule will critically protect the health of our children and families, as well as curb climate change. Formal EPA hearings have been held in Chicago and DC. Here in Pittsburgh Councilwoman Natalie Rudiak will chair a ‘Citizen’s Hearing’ for Pennsylvania residents to learn more about the new carbon standards, hear expert testimony, and have a chance to formally submit our collective comments to the EPA.

Announced March 24, 2012, as the Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule, this is the first national attempt to control carbon emissions from the largests source of GHG emissions As required under court action related to the Clean Air Act, owners of new large facilities will need to apply the best available technology to lower their GHG emissions. This is the final step in a three-step permitting process begun in 2011.

Medical professionals and public health officials agree that carbon pollution, left unchecked, will contribute to climate change and an increase in dangerous smog, which will trigger more episodes of respiratory distress in children and seniors. For the approximately 15% of Pennsylvania children that have suffered from asthma, this new standard, which will reduce pollution by 123 billion pounds annually, will also help reduce missed school days, missed work days, severe asthma attacks, and hospital visits.

1 pm – 4 pm in the Pittsburgh City Council Chambers (5th Floor City County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh PA 15219).  Testimony is limited to three minutes. If you plan to testify, please notify Randy at randy.francisco [@] sierraclub.org.

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