May 26: Share Faire

A Space To Share Goods and Services With Your Neighbors+ Frozen Yumminess
-Potluck Dishes And More

East End Mutual Aid (EEMA) would like to invite you to the East End Share
Faire! East End Share Faire is an event where we can get together as a community
and provide for our own necessities, and have a darn good time doing it. To
participate is simply to attend. Bring things to share that you no longer need!
Share a skill/talent! Come partake in the generosity of others! Just stop by and
say Hi! Don't know what to bring or want to know what others have in the past?
Anything from food, clothes, toys, working appliances, chairs, seeds, comics,
computers, books, and tons of other miscellaneous items.

Too much of our lives revolve around selling our labor and sacrificing our time
to acquire more material things. Some go hungry while food goes to waste. We
grow tired of a possession that could be used or valued by another. We are
taught that everything is scarce and this breeds competition rather than
cooperation. The truth is that we live in a world of abundance. Within our own
communities, our own neighborhoods, the skills and items that we all need
already exist, and much of those are not in use. By coming together and sharing
all of our excesses, we can help provide for each other.

1-5pm. in Friendship Park, S. Mathilda & Friendship Ave in Bloomfield 1pm to 5pm Rain Date: Saturday, June 2 (same time and place).  Organized by East End Mutual Aid.  For more information, contact or feel free to give us a call at 412-385-3362

Common questions:
-Can I attend if I don’t live in the Bloomfield-Garfield-Friend​ship-East
Liberty area?

YES! The event is open to anyone. While our immediate organizational priority
is outreaching to, and working with, our neighbors in the surrounding community
we welcome the participation of anyone who’s interested.

-Do I need to stay with the items I bring? Or take them back with me
afterwards? What happens to the trash?

No, you do not need to take the items back with you afterwards, although if you
would like to, or are able to, feel free! We always assume responsibility for
ensuring that everything brought (or used) for the event is properly disposed of
afterwards. Trash will be bagged and carted off. Items that aren’t claimed
will be stored for use at a future Share Faire, or donated to community thrifts
stores if appropriate. 

-How does this impact the Park?
We have hosted a half dozen Share Faires with a consistent record of respect
for the location and other community members. The space has always looked nicer
upon our departure. By containing the event to one particular area there has
always been ample space for other activities to occur. 

-Will there be blankets? How will items be arranged?
Organizers will bring some blankets and we will attempt to separate items into
different categories.

-Can I sell things?
Intrinsic to this political event is the creation of space that is free of
exchange of money. While it is of course a public space we respectfully ask that
folks respect the event and not engage in selling or barter.

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