May 15: Rally for students

Act NOW before Pittsburgh students lose great teachers!
Because our students can’t afford to lose even one great teacher.
When it comes to school improvement, research confirms what common sense suggests: of all the factors controlled by schools, it is the quality of classroom teaching that matters most.  In fact, Pittsburgh Public Schools’ (PPS) focus on effective teaching is making a difference, and we are seeing real change and improvement.
HOWEVER, PPS is about to lay off 400 teachers based only on seniority, without considering quality or effectiveness.  While we regret that these painful layoffs must happen, we believe PPS and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) are in a position to make smarter decisions about who stays and who goes — decisions that better serve students and teachers alike.   We’ve come too far to let an outdated way of making these important decisions threaten the progress we’ve made. 
Our students — and the teachers who are at the heart of these improvements — can’t afford policies that fail to put the needs of students first."

6:30 p.m. at Schenley Plaza in Oakland.  For more information, check out the A+ Schools web site

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