Sep 24: Challenging Marcellus Shale

The 2010 Rachel Carson Legacy Conference : Challenging Marcellus Shale - Consequences and Alternatives will address the health, environmental and community effects Pennsylvania will face with the development of the Marcellus Shale natural gas fields.

We have gathered people from New York, Colorado and Pennsylvania with experience and expertise in evaluating hte results of the deep shale fracking industry.

The Alternatives approach will be highlighted by keynote speaker Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt of Sweden founder of The Natural Step process for reaching a sustainable economy. He will be followed by Ken Melamed, Mayor of Whistler, B.C., who will describe the Whistler 2020 plan as implemented based on Dr. Robert's approach and a panel of renewable and sustainable energy businesses illustrating current economically viable applications of renewable energy systems.


A View from the Field: Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania John Stolz Duquesne University

Panel 1: Environmental Concerns and Policy Needs

Panel 2: The Consequences: Communities and Society

Keynote Session:

Introduction: Andre Heinz

Keynote: Karl-Henrik Robèrt – The Natural Step, Sweden

The Natural Step - An example from Whistler, B.C. - Mayor Ken Melamed, Canada

Panel 3: Solutions For A sustainable Energy Future

Interactive Workshops (Concurrent Sessions)

Each session will develop a set of recommendations for action to be shared with the plenary group. Results will be posted in the proceedings of the Conference

A: Community Action Plan for Mitigating Marcellus Shale Development

B: Building a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure –The next steps

Closing: Call to Action

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at CMU's Mellon Institute, S. Bellefield Ave. in Oakland, 15213. $50, $25 for students. More information and registration online.

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