Sep 9: Regional Water Conference

Protecting and Using our Greatest Asset.

This conference highlights ways in which southwestern Pennsylvania leads in the management of water and how its residents and businesses are using the region's greatest asset. The event is intended for professionals seeking to learn about practical solutions regarding water, and engineering practitioners looking to understand what is on the minds of community leaders relating to sustainability and clean water (including Marcellus Shale impacts).

This conference builds on the conversation launched during the Water Matters! Global Water Conference held in June 2010 as part of the Pittsburgh region’s World Environment Day 2010 celebration.

Topics to be covered:
Our Region’s Water Advantages – Why Pittsburgh?
Marcellus Shale Mining Impacts and Solutions f
Early Warning Detection Systems for Water Protection
The Future of Water Quality Regulations and Solutions
The Water Consortium Initiative in Southwest PA
Innovative Solutions to Clean Water
The conference will also feature three speakers on practical solutions related to Marcellus Shale water issues as well as a panel to discuss what engineering and policy practitioners believe to be the most important water-related issues for this region in order to ensure that the right responses to water demand are addressed.

7:30 am – 3:30 pm at the Regional Learning Alliance at Cranberry Woods, Cranberry 16066. Cost: $110 for ASCE, EWRI, or C4S members | $130 nonmembers | $50 students. Register by September 2, 2010 and save $20!
Breakfast and lunch provided More information, including registration and agenda, is available at

Presented by: American Society of Civil Engineers, Pittsburgh Section; Environmental & Water Resources Institute; and Champions for Sustainability Recent publicity surrounding Marcellus Shale exploration tends towards polarized debate over whether drilling should be encouraged or banned.

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