Apr 14 & 24: Sierra Club Environmental Film Festival

The Allegheny Group Sierra Club's Fifth Annual Environmental Film Festival at the Frick Environmental Charter School features films selected for their high quality and the relevance of their themes to the environmental challenges of today. Some are funny, some are just plain gorgeous, some are infuriating. This stuff isn’t seen on your local TV or movie theater screen… except for Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire, a great film you need to see twice anyway! (it was shown once on PBS.)

Different films both nights (except Botany of Desire, shown in two part); continuous showings. Free kids films 5-6 p.m. on April 24.

Wednesday April 14, 6-10pm

6 pmSeedsA concise explanation of the importance of genetic diversity to the food supply.25 min
6:30 pmToastA classic energy film made in 1974, set to music – must see! One of the most effective energy films ever made.12 min
6:50 pmEverything’s CoolA toxic comedy about the conflict over Global Warming89 min
8:30 pmThe Botany of Desireby Michael Pollan: Apples and Tulips – the centerpiece of the Festival. Two parts of a four part look at the way plants have focused human attention on their attributes. The other two parts will be shown April 24 at 8pm. A beautiful and startling film. Very special.60 min
9:30 pmGreen Animation11 very short, challenging, funny films about various aspects of environmental issues from the UK.28 min

Saturday April 24, children’s films: 5-6pm, regular films: 6:15-10pm

5 pmBunch of FivesFive funny animated films by Nick Hlligoss, wordless, about relationships with nature, both human and non-human.31 min
5:35 pmWake Up, FreddyAnother classic about resources, where stuff comes from and where waste goes.21 min
5:55 pmSong Bird StoryA look at migratory songbirds and a call for even children to be concerned about their declining numbers… and why that may be happening.13 min
6:15 pmNatural ConnectionsOutstanding, beautiful, compelling looks at biodiversity within three ecosystems.46 min
7 pmGene BluesOutstanding video that examines some of the ethical issues associated with DNA testing and sets the stage for a national debate on the ramifications of human gene technology.30 min
7:30 pmCommunityMicrocredit changing lives in Bangladesh.

24 min
8 pmThe Botany of Desireby Michael Pollan: Marijuana and Potatoes – the centerpiece of the Festival.60 min
9 pmWeather the StormHopeful and beautiful film about sustainable small-scale fisheries on the French coast. A look at a totally different solution to the problems of over-fishing36 min

The event is family-friendly and refreshments will be available for a small donation. Adults: $4, kids under 12: $2.

The Frick Environmental Charter School is at 829 Milton Ave, Pittsburgh 15218 (at Milton and Henrietta Streets, off South Braddock Avenue near the Frick Park tennis courts in Regent Square). For more information, contact Don Gibbon.

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