Apr 7: House Concert with Mike Agranoff

Well, it's about time for another house concert!  And since we've all had enough of the news this season, Putting Down Roots is proud to present singer, storyteller, and multi-instrumentalist Mike Agranoff in a show designed to make you laugh, cry, and think -- all while having fun.  

Mike Agranoff is a one-of-a-kind folk musician who steadfastly defies categorization, and yet amasses stalwart fans from folk aficionados of all categories.  Equally at home in the contemporary and traditional camps, he is a fine musician and storyteller -- uproariously funny, contemplative, and powerfully emotional in the space of a few minutes.  

Mike draws his material from sources as diverse as traditional ballads and fiddle tunes, Tin Pan Alley, contemporaries in the Folk world, and his own witty pen.  He delivers it with a skilled hand on fingerstyle guitar, piano, and concertina, an almost telepathic transmittal of the essence of the song, and occasionally a sly twinkle in the eye in anticipation of some of the most horrible parodies ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting audience.  A signature feature of Mike’s performances is the inclusion of some heart-stopping spoken word pieces that rivet the listener to unforgettable stories.

7:30 (doors at 7) at our house in Squirrel Hill (directions and other info will come after you RSVP -- and please do RSVP even if you know your way!).  RSVP by email to maren dot cooke at gmail dot com with "concert" in the Subject line, with name(s) of attendees -- and/or via the Eventbrite notice that will appear closer to the date, if you're on the email list for Sustainability Salons.  Suggested donation is $15 (goes to the performer;  we won't use Eventbrite tickets but we will be passing the proverbial hat)

Previous Putting Down Roots house concerts have included Sparky & Rhonda Rucker, Putnam Smith, Ken Gaines and the Squirrel Hillbillies, and Randal Bays & Davey Mathias.


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