Feb 28: Tuesdays with Toomey on Protecting the Environment

Senator Toomey must take a stand to protect all Pennsylvanians from environmental degradation and climate change, while supporting a just transition from fossil fuels and investing in a clean energy economy.
As we've done each Tuesday all year, people will gather at Crazy Mocha at noon and then march peacefully to the Landmark Building (there is a long ramp leading up to the gathering place--feel free to start early/late if you wish to take your time getting up there)
Please RSVP by clicking this link, and if you wish, sign our Petition to Senator Toomey. It will be printed out to deliver to his staff at approximately 10:30 AM, so please be sure to sign by that time.

Bring posters supporting Environmental Protection--and any other progressive issues you wish to address!  If you do not sign the petition, or have another issue to address, please bring letter or card for us to deliver to staff.  Please include your name and address, NO ENVELOPE, and keep it short and to the point!  (sealing letters in envelopes can add a delay as they may screen for anthrax and whatnot)

Talking points(thanks to our local Sierra Club):
  • This year, Senator Toomey will face a crucial choice: He can help defend the incredible recent progress our nation has made to protect the health of our families from pollution and climate change and to grow the clean energy economy -- or he can help the new administration and the fossil fuel industry launch new attacks on clean air, clean water, and the health of our communities.
  • Americans are demanding action to protect our air, water, and communities from pollution. We didn't vote for dirty air and dirty water -- but Senator Toomey isn't listening, instead he is pushing the dangerous agenda of big polluters.
  • Pollution has a disproportionately negative effect on low-income communities and communities of color already suffering from the worst effects of toxic pollution, including heart attacks, asthma, and premature death.  
  • Supporting action to tackle the climate crisis doesn’t just help protect our communities, it can help grow the clean energy economy and create thousands of new jobs.

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