Feb 19: Reflections on justice, peace and faith.

Working for a Future We Can Believe In 

Because justice, compassion, equality, peace and truth are the core of the Gospel message in every place and time, attendees will ask how faith guides our response to the era we live in.  How do we listen to, affirm, support, and encourage one another when we experience profound uncertainty and challenging transition?  What are our options for political, legislative, and social action in 2017?  How do folks ground themselves in God’s presence and a faith community?  There will be time for sharing, group discussions, and prayer.  

1:30-3:30 (doors open at 1) at Sullivan Hall on Mt. Washington (131 Bigham Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15211. Behind the former St. Mary of the Mount School which is on the corner of Grandview & Bigham Avenues).  RSVP required;  please egister via this Doodle poll: http://doodle.com/poll/frserayqd7nyb79q

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