Mar 28: Dear President Obama film screening

The Pittsburgh Theological Seminary will host the Pittsburgh première of Jon Bowermaster's new film Dear President Obama, The Clean Energy Revolution Is Now!

Under President Obama’s watch, drilling and fracking expanded rapidly across the United States.  And that means there are now more than 15 million Americans currently living within a mile of an oil or gas well.  They're facing the real-world consequences of our national energy policy. Shouldn't they have a say in what that energy policy is?

You'll be inspired by the community members, whistleblowers and scientists exposing the impacts of President Obama's "all of the above" energy policy and calling for a real clean energy revolution instead.  After the film, we'll hear from filmmaker Jon Bowermaster, and from local coalition partners.  We'll also talk about our major mobilization this summer, the March for a Clean Energy Revolution.

Narrated by Mark Ruffalo, Dear President Obama takes a journey through more than 20 states to examine the impacts of drilling and fracking for oil and gas — hear directly from the people living on the front lines. 

7 p.m. at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 616 N. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15206.  RSVP here!  Sponsored by the Thomas Merton Center, Marcellus Outreach Butler, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Continuing Education Program, Food & Water Watch, and Clean Water Action.

"Dear...President Obama" is an Oceans 8 Film, Written and Directed by Jon Bowermaster and narrated by Mark Ruffalo.  The film takes a cross-country look at drilling, highlighting its variety of contaminations, the  stories of its victims, the false promise of an economic boom, with a focus on clean energy  solutions that would allow us to proceed towards a future that does not rely on yet another dirty  fossil fuel extraction process.  Interviews with scientists, health professionals, geologists and whistle-blowers provide the core  information we think will convince the current President and those that will follow to join the "anti-  drilling" majority growing across the United States and call for fossil fuels to be left in the ground.

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