December 11: Power of 32 Conference

Energy for the Power of 32
Establishing a baseline and catalyzing a regional energy plan and strategy
Energy for the Power of 32 is a momentous start of the process to create a regional energy plan and strategy for the Power of 32 region uniting Pittsburgh and 32 counties across western Maryland, eastern Ohio, southwestern Pennsylvania, and northern West Virginia. Time is ripe for this effort given the staggeringly fast pace of energy innovations, new opportunities, and escalating stakes associated with environmental, social, and economic values. 

The launch of this energy future planning process places our region among the nation's first to lead this trend of regions stepping up to determine their brightest energy futures. A regional plan and strategy will fill a void. It will position the region to be a global leader by providing an energy framework for regional prosperity that leads to more informed decisions and investments, mitigates negative impacts, and unleashes innovation necessary to hasten our progress.
You are invited to attend and provide input that will be formative in shaping the design of the regional energy plan, helping to establish its focus and overarching values. More information and online registration here!

8:30-3:30 at the David Lawrence Convention Center.

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