Dec10: Composting 101 class

Learn the principles and practices of turning organic "waste" into fertile soil for your home or community garden! Taught by gardener, permaculture practitioner, and all around soil enthusiast, Curt Ries.  This will be a broad overview of the endlessly complex topics of soil science and compost, organized around three fundamental questions: What is compost? Why is it important? How do we make it?  

Whether you're a complete compost novice or an enlightened humus guru, there will be something here for you. Walk away with the knowledge you'll need to begin turning your home and neighborhood organic wastes into the life-giving soil that our urban farms, gardens, and ecosystems depend upon. 

7 p.m. at City Grows Garden Center, 5208 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA in Lawrenceville.  Registration is $15 -- you can preregister online.


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