Jun 22: Summer Solstice Sessions at Legume

Legume Bistro chef/owner Trevett Hooper believes that people who hold useful knowledge should share it.  We should not be end-users. Methods of preparing foods belong to everyone, and these methods should be shared by people who understand them.  The food system as it is right now depends on passivity; it depends on us not being able--or not wanting--to prepare food for ourselves; it depends on us trading our due cultural inheritance--the life skills of self-sufficency learned over long periods of time and history passed down through generations--for convenience. Cooking, growing and preserving foods are something that the vast majority of people knew how to do not too long ago.  Re-learning and sharing these skills with others is one of the most important things we can do.

The Summer Solstice Sessions are about sharing knowledge. They're about exploring and sharing things that compel us to prepare food for ourselves and our community.  Legume is honored to be hosting four very thoughtful guest speakers who will be sharing what they know about this.  These speakers were chosen because they do work that in some way encourages participation in one’s own culinary destiny here in Pittsburgh.  Jake Seltman, Director of Educational Programming for Grow Pittsburgh, will talk about starting a garden in the middle of the growing season (it’s not too late!).  Leah Lizarondo from Brazen Kitchen will discuss strategies of working through one’s CSA box.  Local food and drinks writer Hal B. Klein will discuss ways to engage in contemporary urban permaculture and give people the scoop on who’s doing it in Pittsburgh.  Slow Foods Pittsburgh co-founder and food writer Virginia Phillips will be discussing making vinegar at home, and will generously share some of her own homemade vinegar.  Last but not least, they’ve invited local environmental educator and activist (and MarensList's own) Maren Cooke to speak about ideas about growing and foraging food in the city, important issues for activism, and where to learn more.

From Team 'Gume, current Legume bread baker and floor manager Neil Blazin will be teaching a workshop on sourdough bread.  Butcher Tyler Mossman will be breaking down a side of beef to help de-mystify the various cuts of this large animal, and Butterjoint manager Will Groves will be highlighting local breweries and spirits producers through pairings of local shots with local beers. Trevett will be doing a workshop on easy-to-make wild-fermented meads and country wines.  We’ll start a batch of mead, study one in progress, and taste several batches of house-made alcoholic beverages we’ve been making over the past couple of years—some good, some awful, and all intriguing.

The main event of the day will be the party, which includes a buffet, live music by Arlo Aldo, and dessert.  Tickets for the workshop and the dinner may be purchased separately.  You do not need to attend the workshop to attend the party.  Doors open at 4pm for social hour.  The buffet will begin at 5pm.  After dinner there will be popsicle and ice cream stations by Healcrest Urban Farm and Family Farms Creamery.  The cost for the party is $20 and includes all food.  Drinks may be purchased next door at Butterjoint. 

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