Mar 3: POSTPONED: Genetically modified food -- lecture at CMU

Sad to say, the DLS lecture by Dr. Michael Hansen that was to take place this afternoon at 4:30pm is cancelled!  Unfortunately, the weather and mechanical delays have wreaked havoc on Dr. Hansen’s travel plans!

If you forwarded the lecture announcement on to other colleagues or students please share this cancellation notice with them.

Apologies for any inconvenience!   We hope to reschedule Dr. Hansen’s talk before the end of the spring semester and we will announce a reschedule date as soon as possible.

Genetically Modified Food and Consumer Effects

The Carnegie Mellon University Distinguished Lecture Series in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy welcomes Michael K. Hansen, Ph.D. (Senior Staff Scientist in the Policy and Advocacy Division, Consumer Union). 

 Dr. Michael Hansen has been sharing his scientific expertise as a senior staff scientist with Consumers Union for more than 20 years. A biologist and ecologist who did his Ph.D. in the techniques of Integrated Pest Management, he currently works primarily on food safety issues. He has been largely responsible for developing Consumer Union positions on safety, testing and labeling of genetically engineered food and “mad cow” disease. Dr. Hansen’s areas of expertise include critical food safety and environmental health issues including mad cow disease, genetic engineering, and pesticide use.

4:30 p.m. in Porter Hall 100.  Environment at CMU events website:  

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