Oct 29: Gas Rush Stories screening and media panel

A selection of Kirsi Jansa's Gas Rush Stories documentaries will be shown, followed by a panel discussion.  This is not only about shale gas drilling and environment - this is also very much about democracy and environmental justice. 

Several Gas Rush Stories Shorts - shortened and updated versions of the original GRS episodes -- will be shown. 

After an hour-long screening there will be have a panel discussion "Media Exploring Shale Gas".  It will be moderated by Chris Moore from WQED. The panelists include Kirsi, Don Hopey from Post-Gazette, Reid Frazier from WESA/Allegheny Front and Tim Hudson, a professor of communication at Point Park. Industry and DEP representatives have also been invited.

Shale gas drilling is the environmental question of our time and place. The question we will explore is that is the media delivering reliable AND relevant information so that we as a society can make informed decisions about shale gas. We journalists face huge challenges when trying to get information from the industry - and also from the PA DEP.  People need to know what is happening behind the scenes. 

Here is a 7 min video, an introduction to the unfortunate state of openness and transparency related to shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania:

7 p.m. at Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Melwood Screening room (477 Melwood Ave.).  Suggested donation $10;  the event is also a fundraising event for Kirsi's upcoming GRS Roundtable, a full-length documentary.

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