Oct 26: "Unconference" on the New Economy

Leaders, staff, volunteers, and collective members working to create and build a new, sustainable, democratic, and cooperative economy and society in the Pittsburgh area (and for the planet) will be meeting to discuss how we can build a healthy and enriching economic movement that is for and by the people. Please email Ron Gaydos if you are interested in attending to find out more.
For more info you can download the press release and a flyer 1 2 

 10 am to 4 pm at the First United Methodist Church, Shadyside (at the corner of Center and South Aiken):  5401 Centre Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15232.   Sponsored by the New Economy Working Group – A project of the Thomas Merton Center.  http://facebook.com/NEWGatTMC ~ Participation is open to everyone. 

We promise not to sit you down and talk at you – YOU need to be there to tell everyone
else what you’re doing, what you need, and what common action we need to take!

What is “The New Economy”? Definitions differ, but many people describe it as the economy of a
hopeful future: one where economic success means fair and equitable benefits; uses social, financial,
and environmental resources fairly and efficiently; where business activity replenishes our environment.

 The New Economy Summit “Unconference”

Spend just one day strengthening the active network of people who are helping to create
the economy that works for the 99%, together, build new and stronger ties, and cultivate
what is already working. Help set in motion an economy that creates shared value – for
businesses, employees, owners, or employee-owners, and host communities alike – for
generations! It’s happening now; find out where you fit in.

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