Sep 25: East End Share Faire

East End Mutual Aid's Share Fair is an event at which neighbors, friends, and everyone can come together to freely give away unwanted or unneeded items which they have accumulated, and to freely take whatever useful items they find. It is a space to help meet the concrete material needs of residents, to share skills and services, and to strengthen community ties by using common space in a way that
benefits everyone. To participate is simply to attend! Come bask in the generosity of your neighbors! Stop by and enjoy some free treats! Don’t know what to bring? In the past, people have shared clothes, toys, food, smaller working appliances, chairs, seeds, comics, computers, books, and tons of other miscellaneous items.

The event is part of our wider efforts to talk about the social and economic organization of society. Who has access to common space and how is it used? How do we organize ourselves and our communities to best meet individual and collective needs? How do we promote cooperation and community when many structures of society promote and produce greed, competition, and fear of one another as necessities for survival? One aspect of the Share Faire, through its creation of a temporary gift economy, is to encourage more discussion about how society values items and what realistic alternatives might look like. In a world with so many problems, help create an abundance of solutions!

1 p.m. in Friendship Park (Mathilda & Friendship in Bloomfield)

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