May 25 & 26: Plant sale in Forest Glen

Putting Down Roots, a.k.a. Maren, will be at home and welcoming folks interested in seedlings and transplants of myriad vegetables, herbs, flowers, berries, and perennials. I'll also have the CobraHead garden tool available, as well as amazing soil-enriching worm castings made locally, and can repackage seeds for your own plantings.

Get a head start on tomatoes -- some are as big as two feet tall and flowering. Strawberry plants already setting fruit for this year will expand in your garden as they send out runners to create daughter plants. Brassicas, cucurbits, annual and perennial herbs, native perennials for sun and shade (including sweet woodruff and jack-in-the-pulpit)...

Times set so far are noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th.

If you don't know where we are located, or if these times don't work out for you, just touch base (email me with "plant sale" in the Subject line). Or give a call.. in the 'Burgh, 251 and then 5814 (evading info-harvesters). 

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