Dec 10: YERT online DVD release party

i_yert.jpgThe team from "YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip," ( is celebrating the release of their award-winning eco-docu-comedy feature film DVD with distributor First Run Features, by hosting a live videochat party online at - broadcast via YouTube for anybody to watch around the world - on 12/10/12 at 9:00pm - midnight EST. Filmmakers Mark and Ben will be bringing on several guests, including Solar Roadways founder Scott Brusaw, not to mention and YERTmom Julie Evans, and even YERTbaby Bailey - who was conceived during the road trip! You are also encouraged to submit news stories or questions you'd like them to address live during the show - with the most awesome submitters getting invitations to join the live show. Find all this info and more, including a pre-party teaser video, at 

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