Dec 3: Urban-Suburban connection (and radio Nov 30)

Join Sustainable Monroeville on Monday evening, December 3, 2012, at the Monroeville Public Library for a vegan and vegetarian pot luck dinner at 6:00 PM followed by a discussion about linking the Urban and Suburban Food Not Lawns Movement to the Urban core through the Schwartz Living Market project in Pittsburgh's Historic South Side. We'll discuss Monroeville Food Garden planning for 2013 and other possible projects for the upcoming year too. How exciting! 

This is your personal invitation to engage directly in the dialogue and see an urban Transiiton Town project in action this coming Saturday, that's tomorrow from 9 Am to 5 PM in Pittsburgh's Historic South Side at 1317 East Carson Street.  I hope to see you tomorrow in South Side and Monday evening in Monroeville!

BTW, listen to Essential Pittsburgh , 90.5 FM, today between noon & 1 p.m. (or 8 & 9 p.m.) to hear an update about the South Side project, what is the Living Building Challenge, and moving forward in the green economy. You can bet Elisa will be mentioning Sustainable Monroeville, the story behind the South Side process!

Go to for the most recent blog entry about our meeting and more!

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